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I have recently installed nextcloud v28 latest version as of today 21 April. I am getting the below error in red.

Nextcloud is installed on a sub domain

Not sure what javaacript MIME type even is. If anyone can point me in th right direction that would be great. Thank you.

Did you go through [Bug]: v28 - Your webserver does not serve `.mjs` files using the JavaScript MIME type... · Issue #42989 · nextcloud/server · GitHub ?

Hi Usmannasir.

I did see that but it only specified updating from minor versions i did a freash install. I wasn’t sure if it applied. I was going to look more into it today.

Check first comment here it may solve your problem: "Configure PHP by Directory or File" documentation suggested change | OpenLiteSpeed Community and News

Fixed the issue

Go to this folder /usr/local/lsws/conf
edit this file, by adding
mjs = application/javascript

Restart server and off you go

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