Ist there a way to only backup a selected SubDomain


Under some main domains I have a lot of subdomains with different services.

I would like to backup only selected subdomains and not the whole domain with all subdomains. (because its a lot of data)

I need it as security backup in front of application upgrades.

Any idea how to get this with cyberpanel?


I don’t know how you added your subdomains but when ı add subdomains as a new website on cyberpanel ı can take different backups between main and subdomains. so when ı want to take a backup to my subdomain ı am just going to backup tool and choose subdomain

Hi Motuntanhu,

I added a subdomain as a subdomain, not as a website.

So my website is e.g. “”. Thats the main Website. There I host

If I add a subdomain like I did not make a new website, but I go to Website panel from and chhos there “add domain”.

In my understanding a subdomain belings to the TopLevel Domain and should be managed under the “Domains” in thsection of the TopLevel Domain Board.

Is my way the wrong way?

If I have a lot of customers on my system I don´t want to have any subdomain they build on the top level of my Domain Listing.

BUt: I miss the possibility to backup such a second-level-domain only.

Hmmm ı see ı think your way is not wrong but sorry, ı don’t know if there is a like that backup or not.