Issues with SSL for additional subdomains under parent account

I create a new account for the primary domain and then add an additional domain with a development URL (i.e. and point it to the root directory of the primary domain. I try to issue SSL on the subdomain and it can’t so it reverts to a self assigned certificate. I’ve followed all steps in the SSL troubleshooting guide and ran debug on it as well.

This used to work just fine. I’ve updated all packages on the droplet as well as updated cyberpanel to the latest version with no luck.

where you get this screenshoot ? what menu ?

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Never seen that kind menu either :thinking:

Screenshot your DNS records.

really ?

@usmannasir @shoaibkk : what verison of cyberpanel is it ? look like easier GUI lol

The DNS is correct. Setup a CNAME pointing to the subdomain. I’ve done this 100’s of times over the last 2 years but this just started happening recently in the last couple of months.

What do you mean you haven’t seen this interface? It’s the Manage website interface lol. It’s the core of CyberPanel. I’m on the latest version.

cannot find UI like this

found it… hahahahah