Issue with auto ssl "SELF-SIGNED SSL" after the update

hi all,

Everything was working fine until the latest updates!
i use Cloudflare SSL but CyberPanel keep update the ssl to “SELF-SIGNED SSL” automaticly

so i try to stop it from cron:

EDITOR=nano crontab -e

i also change the file name:


same issue :frowning:

I do not have a lot of experience with ssl, but a certificate for the site should not run automatically and replace the external ssl…

If you have any solution that would be great.

It seems that a bug was introduced in the 2.3.3 branch, and I am of the opinion that this is the case. I have taken the initiative to create a Github issue at Self-Signed SSL Certs being Issued for Valid Domains due to Failure · Issue #1044 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub. Kindly provide any supplementary information there to assist the developers in resolving this issue.


let us checking in more detials
can you please tell me if you are using domain aliaes ?


There is another topic:

@shoaibkk If you’re talking to me- no, I don’t think I am. I’ve just added new sites in cyberpanel with No secondary or alias domains point to the same site. For the few sites that need that, I forward that with the domain registrar.