Issue with Add-On Activation After IP Address Change

Hello CyberPanel Community,

I am facing a challenge with activating my paid add-ons for CyberPanel and am seeking assistance. Previously, I had purchased add-ons for my server and everything was functioning correctly. However, my server provider recently changed the IP address of my server, which seems to have affected my access to these add-ons.

After the IP address alteration, I lost the ability to use the add-ons I had purchased. In an attempt to resolve this, I repurchased the add-ons for the new IP address. Despite providing the correct IP address during the setup, I am encountering the following error message: “CloudUsers matching query does not exist.”

I have double-checked the IP address input and ensured it is accurate. The issue seems to stem from the change in the server’s IP address and possibly the CyberPanel system not recognizing the new one associated with my account and previously purchased add-ons.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or can provide guidance on how to rectify this? Any suggestions or instructions on how to link my new IP address

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Changing the IP address of your server can sometimes cause issues with the activation of add-ons in CyberPanel. If you’re facing difficulties with add-on activation after an IP address change, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Verify IP Change:
  • Double-check and confirm that the IP address change has been successfully implemented on your server. Ensure that the new IP address is accessible and responding.
  1. Update CyberPanel Settings:
  • Login to your CyberPanel control panel.
  • Navigate to “Server” > “Hostname and SSL” in the left sidebar.
  • Update the IP address information to reflect the recent change.
  • Save the changes and restart CyberPanel.
  1. Check License Information:
  • Verify that your CyberPanel license is still valid and has not expired.
  • If you have a license tied to a specific IP address, you may need to update the license information to reflect the new IP. Contact CyberPanel support if you encounter issues related to licensing.
  1. Update Firewall Rules:
  • If you’re using a firewall on your server, update the firewall rules to allow traffic on the new IP address. This is essential for proper communication with CyberPanel and its add-ons.
  1. Update DNS Records:
  • Ensure that DNS records are updated to point to the new IP address if your domain is associated with CyberPanel. This is crucial for proper functionality, especially if SSL certificates are involved.
  1. Check Add-On Configuration:
  • Review the configuration settings of the specific add-on you are trying to activate. Some add-ons may store IP-related information, and updating these settings may be necessary.
  1. Restart CyberPanel Services:
  • Restart CyberPanel services to apply the changes. This can be done via the CyberPanel interface or using command-line tools.