Issue with a website displaying "CyberPanel Installed"

hi everyone, i hope you can help me with this issue i have an issue on one of my websites hosted on a hostinger vps with cyberpanel , the website was already live with content (wordpress blog) , after couple of weeks i started to have an issue, when i visit the website i see this message :
"CyberPanel Installed

You have successfully installed CyberPanel, please remove this page and upload your website. :)"

as if it is empty, I contacted hostinger support couple of times, but they werent able to help me, so they asked me to check the cyberpanel community.

does anyone know what could be the solution here because i tested the files and the database, dns. all look good.

please help me

You can try deleting the index.html located at /home//public_html/.

thank you @reshampanth , but i don’t have that file, only index.php by wordpress, it’s really pissing me off, and i don’t know what the issue exactly, even hostinger support didn’t help me ,
btw, this is the link of the website with the issue, can you please if you don’t mind take a look somehow on it, i might have missed something .

Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It seems due to cache, deactivate cache plugin or cache moudle may help you.

Here’s a few things you can try-

  1. If you have Cloudflare setup on your domain, go to Cloudflare and Purge Cache. Maybe disable Cloudflare temporarily and check.
  2. Make sure you have deleted the index.html file in your site folder. If it is a brand new site, you can try deleting and recreating the site.
  3. Restart OLS service from https://panel-ip:8090/serverstatus/services
  4. Check if hostinger if they have any server level caching enabled, if yes, ask them to purge