Issue I am facing with cyberpanel

I enjoy using CyberPanel, but I have encountered two issues with it:

  1. Repeated DNS Creation: Whenever I edit a DNS entry to match my requirements, CyberPanel keeps adding new DNS keys and values repeatedly. This behavior becomes problematic as it leads to multiple redundant DNS records.

  2. Incorrect Email Sending Domain: Another problem I’m facing is that CyberPanel sends emails from the wrong website. For instance, if I generate an SSL certificate for website A and later generate one for website B, all emails are sent from website B instead of their respective domains. This issue causes emails to be marked as spam or, in some cases, prevents them from being delivered altogether. Additionally, it leads to DKIM failures due to the mismatched keys.

These issues are quite problematic, as they impact the deliverability and reputation of the emails sent through CyberPanel. It would be helpful to have a resolution to ensure that DNS records are not duplicated unnecessarily and that emails are sent from the correct website domains.