Issue accessing cyberpanel in browser


I changed the cyber panel access port in the browser, and I think cloudflare is blocking the new port I assigned (should be something like 8080 or 8090). Since I don’t have access to cyberpanel through the browser and I don’t remember the port I assigned, I am trying to find information about how to configure the port via shell, but I haven’t had luck searching online. Does anyone know in which file is the access port defined? or can i also configure a new access port on LiteSpeed?

Try below command and find the port
sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN

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Thank you for your help! I see now the active ports. Cloudflare is blocking the port, so I still need to change the port, still can´t figure out in which file is defined.

Why focusing on cloudflare, open the CP BY https://IP:port then change port support by CF.