Is there team or is it one-man show?

I have to say I’m quite impressed by CyberPanel. For some time I’m using OLS wich is insanely fast but biggest struggle are backups. With CyberPanel I was able transfer 5 sites from one server to another via single click. AMAZING!

As I mentioned, I’m impressed and considering use CyberPanel on the production servers. But from what I’ve seen I’m bit afraid. On the official website (which need some love) there is not much information about who is developing it. Is there some core team behind it? If so, how large? Is growing?

These kind of questions are bothering me as I would like use it for production sites and won’t bet on something that can be orphaned in two months. I know it’s open source but I would like to donate to support development, but also didn’t found any information.

It’s @usmannasir creation and he would be the best person to clarify that. It is community collaboration as can be seen on the github due to the opensource nature of things. Which also means anything you don’t like you can potentially fix/mod yourself to meet your production needs


You can send in a support request as well to: