Is there any plans for Ampere ARM support?

I’ve been trying to start my business from scratch and I really don’t have the budget for a $60 or $100 VPS hosting! So I wanted to use CyberPanel on Oracle Cloud Free Tier! But unfortunately CyberPanel doesn’t support Ampere ARM based CPUs!
Therefore is there by any chance a plan to support ARM based CPUs?
Thank you for your great work!
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I join the question. I don’t know much about hardware architecture, but should this be possible? can be an excellent option to take advantage of the free tier of Oracle Cloud

I second this. I would like to be able to use Cyberpanel on ARM CPUs. As I’m learning more about web hosting and development the Oracle free tier has been great for this.

Add me to that list as well, wouldn’t it be at OS level ? Ubuntu seems think they have abstracted it - but i dont have a link, so pinch of salt. Who has tried it?

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ARM64 going to change the server world, energy saving, Energy efficiency, if cyberpanel could work on Ampere ARM, it would be easy to install on my SBC server like raspberry PI. I use HestiaCP instead in this moment