Is there alternative for "EMAIL MARKETING" ? Need to create mail list

I know that “EMAIL MARKETING” features are on hold and not any more working, so please is there any replacement as I need to create an internal mail list to send announcements for all emails ?

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Thanks for help, but I know that.
Could u plz open this reply :
This feature is discontinued in upcoming version as mentioned here.

I have the same issue written in this thread:

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@MrC0d3r as you see he said that feature was discotniued. I did not know that feature was discountined since I only used it in the past once.

What I see is my users doing email marketing with services such as Email Marketing - Sendinblue, mailgun, mailchimp etc. Sendinblue works perfectly with cyberpanel i have set that up for someone and works well upto date.

That’s the point, I just need a mail list to send announcements internally for our employees.
Or, a mail list for each department. Is there something like that ?

On cyberpanel No try this

@josephgodwinke really apprectiate ur help and time

I need an internal feature like this, is there any simple solution ?
This is a simple announcement system, just a simple mail list.

Hello @usmannasir , is there any work around for this ?

Any help ? Another way to do this ?
@josephgodwinke @usmannasir

Try out Mautic