Is that cyber panel free?

I saw this here

CyberPanel Ent comes with LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise and it is free for 1 domain.

1- If its free for one domain , Why should I get the license? or where can I recive the serial number for?

If you selected LiteSpeed Enterprise, you will see the following prompt. Enter your serial number
If you do not have any license, you can also use trial license (if server has not used trial license before), type TRIAL
Please input your serial number for LiteSpeed WebServer Enterprise:

2-and if its free for 1 domain is that include subdomain and subfolder of that domain ?

3-is it possible have add on domain on it?

  1. It is free for 1 domain on small servers. You will need to upgrade if you want more domains or upgrade your server size due to high traffic. LiteSpeed Web Server Pricing - LiteSpeed Technologies
  2. I would imagine that it includes subdomains, since they are part of that domain.
  3. Buy a more expensive license, like Site Owner or Site Owner Plus.
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