Is that cyber panel free? number 2

@nick.chomey why you close that topic ?

In this page says :

LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise
Free 15-day Trial

I only wnat 1 ent license for 1 domain , how can I get it ?
every where is just talk about the licensce for 15 days …
Are you lied to us?

I dont think so , it just problems in your ui ux and its better to fix that .

Please someone help me.

What exactly is the issue?

Litespeed is a web technology like Apache and Nginx

Cyberpanel supports only Litespeed and Openlitespeed web technology.

Litespeed Tech organization has 2 products under them.

  1. Litespeed Enterprise (Paid)
  2. Openlitespeed (Open source)

While installing Cyberpanel, you get 2 options whether to go with Litespeed Enterprise or with the free open source Openlitespeed.

Litespeed Enterprise has 15 days free trail and then you can pay them the license fee as according to your required plan.

Make sure you do not select Litespeed Enterprise trial if you are not planning to continue with it. Because you cannot switch to openlitespeed after installing Litespeed Enterprise on cyberpanel while installation.

Litespeed Enterprise has 1 free starter license which they offer for FREE but with limitations.
You must have 2GB or less RAM and only 1 domain can be used.

I hope the information is clear and if not, do let me know

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Yes , your information was helpful and I want that limitaion for Litespeed Enterpise for 1domain , how get it that license ?

Purchase it from here: Shopping Cart - LiteSpeed Technologies

Then while installing cyberpanel, just enter the license key obtained on your email from Litespeed.

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Yes basic license is free please check here:

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