Is it possible to have several free licences?

I would like to do a test on Litespeed.
I see that there is a free license for 1 domain and for a server limited to 2GB of ram (free starter in order to try CyberPanel Enterprise).
My question is: are we limited to having a single domain with this license (on a server) and for one account, or is it possible to have multiple free licenses with a single account?
The objective would be to have several VPS with each 2GB of ram and therefore 1 free license on each VPS?
Thank you in advance for your answer!

You can order as many Free Starter licenses you want, but each server can only use one license at a time which means you will only be able to host 1 domain on a server with free starter license.

But you can order separate license use it on a different server to host other sites.

Thank you for your quick answer. It’s perfectly clear. I wish you the best :smile: