Is it possible to control parameters of Incremental Backup?

Hi there,

In July of 2021 I implemented Incremental Backup on a relatively small site (639MB).

I now see that there are restore points every day back to when I activated IB. And the total disk space used is over 15 GB.

Are there any settings I can apply to control how far back the backups are maintained, and / or how much disk space is used?

No such option to delete older restore points. Although you can create cron job for this giving commands to delete the old files from your server.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I had considered deleting the files manually, and automatically via a cron job. Yet, the files are in very specific folders, and appear to have an index (I would imagine that’s so CyberPanel knows what’s what).

Therefore, I concluded it wasn’t as simple as just deleting old backup files.

Can you shed any light on that?