Is it possible to change Snappymail URL afterall?

I’ve tried the method mentioned by @josephgodwinke in this post The result is as expected. redirects you to However, this is not what I am looking for. I want the primary domain of snappymail to be

Then I stumbled upon the solution by @KingMac in this post. The result, is it works. The Snappymail page opens, However. I can’t login to Snappymail or the Snappymail admin panel using the /?admin tag.

I get an error for a brief second saying ‘Invalid token’ before the page refreshes. This is only while accessing the page from if I visit the webmail from the original URL of I can login without any issue.

So, after all this, Does anyone know a proper working solution to change the webmail URL of Snappymail?

another set of rewrite rules would have to be made. However, as I have no need for my customers to access the administration panel, I have never thought about it.

Are you using Cyberpanel for a Commercial Environment?

For some projects, yes, I use CyberPanel. I will however evaluate your idea for access to the admin panel.