Is it Possible to Block Specific Domain from Accessing Server

Hello guys,

I see some sites are hotlinking our images.

Is it possible to block specific hostnames/ domain names from accessing our server ?

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

Yea I have been Googling but nothing seems to relate to what I am trying to do.

the sites I am trying to block potentially have malware so I probably don’t want to accidentally give them full access.

The dydns file does say to add domain names to fully allow them or using Advanced Allow/Deny Filters.

The following FQDN’s will be allowed through the firewall. This is controlled

by lfd which checks the DNS resolution of the FQDN and adds the ip address

into the ALLOWDYNIN and ALLOWDYNOUT iptables chains. lfd will check for IP

updates every DYNDNS seconds if set.

If the FQDN has multiple A records then all of the IP addresses will be

processed. If IPV6 is enabled and the perl module Socket6 from is

installed, then all IPv6 AAAA IP address records will also be allowed.

Only list fully qualified domain names (FQDN’s) in this file, either on their

own to allow full access, or using Advanced Allow/Deny Filters (see


I viewed the readme.txt but no wise lol

Good shout, and thank you for the pointer :wink: