Is it cyberpanel works on Ubuntu 22.04.01?

Hi, not sure if should I upgrade server from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, does cp supports it?

Or should I stay on 20.04 for now.

Dont want break things.


Hi Zaos!

Actually, I would recommend you use Ubuntu 18 or CentOS 7. But this is just my personal opinion. Centos 7 is very stable over the long term for running a server, and usually nothing breaks when you run system updates (I cannot say the same of Ubuntu).

As I said, this is my personal opinion. In the system requirements, I can see that Ubuntu 22 is not included, so you should not go for that one.

OS Requirements Server with Fresh Installs of CentOS 7.x, CentOS 8.x, and Ubuntu 20.04

I hope this will help you! Anyway, if you are using a VPS, you can always reinstall the SO and install Cyberpanel again. If you are new to this, do not feel scared of breaking things; by solving them everyone is learning.

Good luck!

Hello @Xaos

From experience I have used CyberPanel on multiple servers running Ubuntu 20.04 and recently AlmaLinux 8. So far so good am happy no issues so far.

I would recommend you use the Os versions that you have experience with and are on LTS. This is because of security concerns and any unknown bugs.

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The install script ( contains an explicit check for Ubuntu 22.04, so it’s safe to assume it is supported.

The docs don’t mention 22 yet, that’s probably just sloppy.

I recommend you use Ubuntu 20.04LTS or AlmaLinux 8. None of my clients or users are on Ubuntu 22 and I am not supporting anyone running this version.

I have one server with one site on Ubuntu 22 so far no issues.
If you have site what is critical stay online, use Ubuntu 20.04 till docs mention 22 is officially supported.