Is CP now supported on ARM64 in Jan24

I saw a FB post from earlier last year by Usman saying CP on ARM64 is now supported.

Is this true so it can be installed on Oracle Ampere instance? Has anyone done this successfully?

How do you know that the next release will be on Jan 24?

I don’t, I was just asking if CP works on ARM at the currnet time. Sorry if that is confusing.

ARM is supported for a long time now already.

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Thanks Usman, I will give it a try on Oracle Ampere.

Install went almost without a hitch. MySQL 50-server.cnf was missing so the install script stopped. I copied that from another install, reran the install script and it completed fine. However this wasn’t an entirely clean install. I did a clean up removing Caddy, PHP and MYSQL first so I could have left something behind that caused the issue. Being on an Oracle Ampere, you can’t reinstall the OS. You have to delete the instance and start again with different IP etc.

Great to have CP working on ARM. Thank you Usman and guys for all your hard Work!

It is always recommended to have a clean install of minimal OS for CyberPanel installation, if you face the same MySQL issue on clean installation let us know.

There was an issue of backups v2 not running on arm due to rustic, which i’ve fixed yesterday on the current dev branch v2.3.5-dev.

Let us know if you face any issues.

Thanks Usman. I did a fresh Ubuntu arm64 minimal install today and it went without a hitch. The previous install was the only one I have done on a non fresh os install and the only one to throw an issue. In the end I spent less time on a new install than fault finding the previous install. Lesson learnt!

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