Is AWS S3 included in the free Cyberpanel?

OK, I’m trying to follow this YouTube tutorial Create Backups For WordPress Sites Using CyberPanel
At this point in the video, I am redirected to CyberPanel Add-ons - CyberPanel

Cold you explain your change in business policy to us all, so we can decide if Cyberpanel free version is really a good fit for our business model.

Please explain which addons we need to buy in order for AWS S3 backups to work. Please reply fast, as I am very close to making a decision.

I posted this on YouTube:

You dont need to buy anything go Incremental Backup| Add Destination there add AWS and add keys

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It’s not that I mind buying something. I just want to know what the TCO of Cyberpanel is on an annual basis.

I just feel they should be more transparent with addons and pricing. The video and video and the tutorial in here make no mention of the option you gave. Thank you for the advice.

Just looked that video that is tutorial with that paid WordPress Manager addon but you can do it free on incremental section

Where in the video or the tutorial in here does it mention it is a paid addon?

I just like transparency :lying_face: :disappointed_relieved:

I did look only part you linked… But would be nice if they declare it’s paid feature, before people waste time following tutorial.

you re right.