IPv6 not working for websites?

I have just installed Cyberpanel on a new VPS.
The VPS has IPv4 and IPv6 enabled, both working.

I created a new website, but the website is only available over IPv4.
Checking OLS admin console, I can see that the listeners are configured only for IPv4
IP Address = ANY IPv4

Shouldn’t this be configured to also listen on IPv6 by default?
Or maybe add a tutorial how to setup IPv6 for websites?

Thanks, I found that one, but IPv6 is kinda common these days.
So this in not something included by default or available in the Cyberpanel GUI as an option?

No the enterprise (paid) version recognises IPV6. With openlitespeed you have to set up listeners as described in that tutorial.

Setting up listeners is also super simple. Heck, whatever parsing already to add domains to the default listeners in httpd_config.conf could be expanded to add the IPv6 listeners and automatically add the domain mappings to them as well. And it would break nothing! See my post here:

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