ionCube Loader for PHP 8.0 Installation Error


I have been trying to install to ioncube loader extension for php 8.0 from CyberPanel PHP Extensions page but it is not working. Is there any other method available for this? Any help is appreciated.

Tested this on Latest CyberPanel running on Ubuntu 20.04 and Almalinux 8, same issue on both.


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Update your cyberpanel and try or install from terminal

Which command to use for installing from the terminal?


If I’m not wrong ioncube loader don’t have php 8 support yet. I have one site still on php 7.4 because this issue. In php 7.4 you can use command: apt-get install lsphp74-ioncube to install you can try use 80 instead 74 on command to see if they have 8.0 supported