ion cube loader

Hi everyone,
i want to install ioncube but webterminal is not connected, have a nother way for install, and i need to install as soon as possible…
some is can be help me for it…


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Log into your server via SSH and follow this tutorial

Install IonCube loader on OpenLiteSpeed! — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

If you want to use the CyberPanel terminal, you need to secure your login to the panel since the built-in terminal only works when the panel is secure.

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cannot open that link

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Installieren Sie ionCube loader auf OpenLiteSpeed | OpenLiteSpeed Community und Neuigkeiten

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How install ion cube loader in php 8.0.14 ?
this code just install in php 7.4 apt-get install lsphp74-ioncube
I used this : apt-get install lsphp80-ioncube but got error

Please check if ubuntu have ioncube for lsphp run
apt list lsphp*