Invalid Credentials error

Hello !
I have link my WHMCS panel to my cyberpanel server and I have create a product to test.

My product :

But when I click in “Login to control panel” I have this error : Invalid Credentials.

How can i solve this error ?

Hello @Legoshii Happy you are here

Which whmcs plugin are you using?

Hello @josephgodwinke,
I use th CyberPanel module.

Have a good day !

I mean there are several packages in the wild. Which are you using? Got a link?

I don’t understand :cry:
It’s this ?

Are you using this package GitHub - jetchirag/cyberpanel-whmcs: Official Module for CyberPanel to integrate it with WHMCS. Cyberpanel is a web hosting control panel powered by Litespeed with lots of features

Yes, I use this package

verify_connection api call failed means the admin user has wrong password or the username does not exist. Kindly check your configs

Also enable API access for this admin user on CyberPanel dashboard

Go to Users → API Access → choose the user → enable api access by saving changes

@Legoshii Unfortunately, this product needs an update it is consuming the old version of the api. I can do this check my progress here GitHub - josephgodwinkimani/cyberpanel-whmcs: Official Module for CyberPanel to integrate it with WHMCS.

My admin user / passeword are good :

And I have enable but I have the same error

So what can I do ?