Instructions to install SSL AWS for cyberpanel?

Hello guys,
Can you guide me how to install SSL AWS for cyberpanel? I can’t find any documentation for this.
Thanks any helps !

See documentation does not matter what server provider you use.

i want to install amazon certificate for website using cyberpanel

On website management section use add SSL function

i cant find certificate and key file on aws

Download you certificate and add here the picture is provided by @Dreamer

how to download my certificat on AWS? Please guide me

Google “how to download aws ssl certificate” answer comes in first result.

how to use this command? i install aws cli and jq command in linux, please guide me

Just fill those red ones with info you find from aws account. You find all that from google faster than here.
google how to download aws ssl certificate look videos first result How to download AWS Certificates - Step by Step Guide - YouTube if that wont help there is many other.

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Link you sent me, this is aws training certificate not ssl certificate

then go next video till you find right one

You have specific reason to use AWS SSL, why just dont use letsencrypt?

all of our platforms are on amazon, so we want to use aws ssl and we don’t trust 3rd party to provide ssl.

Lets encrypt is trusted provider and offer same security with one click. If you want better SSL you need to look some paid SSL certificates.

i think aws ssl is reliable and it’s free, so i want to use it

As you stated you are using AWS for all your requirements, I believe you have their support option too. You can ask for guidance on how to get the SSL values from aws. Once you get hold of it, just paste it in cyberpanel and it will work.

Thanks for helps

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