Installing Ampache 5.x

Anyone had any luck installing Ampache on CyberPanel?

I’m trying to install Ampache 5.x (using git and Composer), the setup wizards jams when it is about to write down the configuration files. Blank page. It seems it is unable to connect to the database (although I did create the database/user in CP, and I’m pretty affirmative that I’m providing the correct credentials).

I hate to have to virtualize a Docker container when there’s a webserver, MariaDB, and all the other required dependencies readily installed and available!

Have you tried the web installer method to install this?

Just now I installed and it worked perfect using the web installer method.

@die2mrw007 Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Really? What do you mean by web installer? Do you mean you downloaded the tarball instead of git clone + composer install, and then browsed to the domain and followed the instructions?

Did you have to create a database in CP, or did you provide MariaDB root credentials to the installer?

Aye! I started over (still using git+composer) and ran the web installer again, and figured out what my problem was!

I had created a database prior to installation, but in the web installer, I was skipping the screen Add Ampache Database, because I thought it was only needed to let the installer create the database using DB root access; that I simply had to add the credentials on the NEXT screen. BUT I WAS WRONG : this is where you need to provide the new database user credentials and let the installer create the tables!

SOLVED! Thanks for your assistance, and sorry for my dumbness!

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