Installation failed - Centos 8 - lsmcd-master

While doing a fresh install of CentOS 8 + CyberPanel v2.1.1

./ line 1348: cd: /tmp/cyberpanel/install/lsmcd-master: No such file or directory

Assuming it has something to do with “LiteSpeed Memcached”, so answering [No] to Memcached support during setup process should avoid this error.


to me it looks like a network glitch

you can ignore this error if you don’t use LSMCD

or manually install it litespeed_wiki:lsmcd:installation [LiteSpeed Wiki]

I will see if I can add some check and test on installer to avoid such issue.

It only seems to happen in CentOS Linux 8 & CentOS Stream 8.

Centos 7.x worked just fine.