Install wordpress through CLI ?

Hi all,

Is there any way to install Wordpress through CLI? I am trying to automate end to end the process therefor I am looking for a solution that I can create Wordpress through shell. I will also share the end product with you guys which I think would be very useful. Any idea on this is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

I’m also curious about this for the same reason

Yes, its highly possible to have Wp CLI

check this wpcli will work with cyberpanel

Thank you. It seems complicated though. The Cyberpanel WordPress installer function makes it quite easy to associate it with a particular Cyberpanel website… I’d really just love to initiate that process from the command line rather than the Cyberpanel GUI. If imagine this is possible given that the Gui is surely just running things in the background on the command line.

Otherwise, what would need to be done with wp-cli to have it installed in the correct cyberpanel website folder with proper permissions?

Hi @nick.chomey & @Zalcig did you find any solution?

I opened a topic hoping for some way to Create Sites in CyberPanel Install wordpress enable google drive backup… Is this possible?