Install SSL with CSR code

I’ve purchased comodo SSL from namecheap for 5 years. They provide CSR code and domain-name.crt, .p7b, .ca-bundle these files. I used this ssl in the cPanel before it was working fine.
Recently I migrated to cyberpanel and it needs “Paste your cert” and “Paste your key”. I’ve .crt file which I pasted into the left box and the key collected from the cPanel that assigned into my domain and that I pasted into right box. It was saved. After refreshing the page cyberpanel > Manage there are showing SSL provider name and remaining days properly but my website isn’t being loaded. It says “err_connection_refused”

@usmannasir Seems a possible bug because I have experienced this same issue while fixing a server of a client. I had to do the manual way via SSH to assign the ssl.

@die2mrw007 could you please give me instruction, how can I assign SSL via SSH. I’ve the CSR code only.