INSTALL PHP EXTENSIONS - How to add DOM, cURL, OpenSSL extension

Hello, I’m using a cyber panel for my website and I want to install AdLinkFly and get a 404 error when I start the installation, and I find out the PHP EXTENSIONS requirements.
I check on the server: is there but in the cyber panel management does not trigger these EXTENSIONS. Please help me install these EXTENSIONS. Thank you

system requirements
mod_rewrite module enabled
PDO extension ok cyber
OpenSSL extension
intl extension ok cyber
cURL extension
mbstring extension ok cyber
DOM extension

All these extensions seem to be there, what are we missing here? Your application has a requirement page that you can share, not from documentation but on your instance.

in IP:8090/managephp/installExtensions not found this extensions

Some most common extensions such as curl are packed in a common package and need not be installed separately. The package name is lsphpXX-common and it is installed by default on all PHPs.

So how can I install AdLinkFly on the cyber panel. I tried to install it on direct admin and it worked

404 error is because of rewrite rules (I believe you are using the free version of CyberPanel it comes with OpenLiteSpeed). You must read

Thanks you CyberPanel

I do not know how to do it, and you can fix it to help me run AdLinkFly, I’ll pay for it

Link :

You won’t have to pay anyone if you just go with CyberPanel Ent (it comes with LiteSpeed Ent) with full support for Apache Compatible rewrite rules.

But if you want to continue with OLS, you can reach us at support for a quote Home - CyberPanel