Install New Relic in Cyberpanel With OpenLiteSpeed

I read this but it seems difrrent now and that metod not working

One of newrelick agent told me Its always best to install the most up to date agent version

Hello @av_admin

Which step are you having a problem with ? What errors are you getting ? Post screenshots and error logs/messages

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Hello @josephgodwinke
First of all , thank you for everything

based on that link , in first step should Choes PHP becuse wordpress was build with that
Second that nerrelic site ask for this:

I choesd the Package manager becuse I will isntall it with apt in ubuntu
then this page appear

1-where should I fount the License for installing that ?
2- in this command sudo apt-get -y install newrelic-php5 should I change the php5 to php7.4 ?
3- Find and set the value of newrelic.appname according to what you have set in Step 3. What whas the step 3? I see this :

3.Update the local package list:
sudo apt-get update

4-what is this section? based

See above step. Just follow instructions to the end

Ignore just proceed

Copy paste to run command as these are the latest steps. Just follow both tutorials. Its pretty straightforward

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I did exatlly like the document but everytime faild …
is there any other metod for that?

What is the error ?

the first thins I asked , it aked me the license and I dont have it , so I copy and paste the command , and after all , I restart the server then there is no log into newrelic panel and can not monitor the server

Second step after choosing the stack. This is just there check again

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