Install Cyberpanel on server that have OLS installed

Is it possible install CB on server what have OLS with live sites installed? Can I just run CB installation or need to start fresh server and migrate all sites?

CB ? you mean CP ? Cyberpanel ?

If you have good skill on server administration, then you can do it ( maybe )
AFAIK if you want to install CP you need to fresh installationā€¦

but maybe @die2mrw007 have the answer

Fresh server with only the OS installed required. No other things should be installed for Cyberpanel to get installed successfully. Otherwise the installer will break with errors.

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except migration from cpanel , right ?
if im not wrong. cyberpanel have migration script

Cyberpanel has migration script. You can use that after installing Cyberpanel.

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only from CPanel to CyberPanel right ?

Yes. As of now there is script made for cPanel migration. If demand for other panels come, then can be madeā€¦but most probably cPanel seems enough as majority comes from cPanel. And for others, they can anyway manually migrate it.

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You can install CP on the fresh server. Cant install on any which already have OLS


thats easy but need time :smiley: and must create new username with news password
copy publichtml
email folder lol

Yes, but there are ā€˜nā€™ number of panels available on internet and creating migration script for all these panels + maintaining the script is all an overload.

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i understand thatā€¦
i just confirm that i really greatfullā€¦ and try tell other member, they can do backup public sql and copy mail folder only