Incremential Backup


I have a question / request / suggestion for incremental backup :

  1. once created, it’s impossible (at least i didn’t found) to see or change the “number of backups to retain”… so rather often i am asking myself “how long they are kept” ? Maybe allow us to change / see this
  2. By default, when i create a backup job, i would enjoy the option “add all new websites” OR alternatively, when i create a new user / website, to choose what backupjob i want to associate
  3. last but not least, daily incremental is not enough for an e-store IMO… would it be possible to add “hourly” also ? at least just for databases ?

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Agree with some of your points.

I would also like to see an option for this. I added IB to a site in July this year, and I have 15GB of restore points for this relatively small site. It’s about to overload the disk space, and there seems to be no way around it.

Yeah the data exists for the retention but its not rendered and it does not let you edit it afterwards. I think for one it should be rendered in as column in the overview

And then when you click edit there should be an option to view/edit the amount still. So if you mess up you don’t have to do delete and readd it back and then reselect all the previous sites again.

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