Incremental Backup permission denied

Hello, when I try to create a incremental backup, this error shown up:

Repo local initiated for *************.com.
Meta data is ready..
Backing up data..
Data for *************.com backed to local.
Backing up databases..
**Failed to delete database: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/*************.com/****_db.sql'. [IncJobs.backupDatabases.456]**
Backing up meta..
Meta for *************.com backed to local.

After the process is done, there are meta.xml and ****_db.sql left in the domain directory, is this normal?


This error should not be there and its likely you are using older cyberpanel and its time you upgrade your cyberpanel instance. Please use the SSH upgrade command of cyberpanel and re-run this backup and see if its working fine.

This seems some permission issue on server.

Edit: I have just now did the incremental backup on one of my server to test if I could reproduce this issue, but I haven’t. It was successful.

I’m using v2.1.2, freshly installed ~2 weeks ago.

I will try to reinstall the server when I have a change.
Any other suggestions? Thank you.

Which Hosting? and how you installed cyberpanel? Is it from the hosting company one click cyberpanel install or manual install from SSH using cyberpanel installation command?

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Hello, the issue occurs on Scaleway and Contabo.

Both VPS have CyberPanel installed by installation command here, latest v2.1.2, one of them installed ~2 weeks ago.

I created a new VPS, then installed the latest version with a sample WP site.
The issue persists even on a newly created VPS.

Which OS you are using in the vps server?

I checked in my almalinux OS server and it worked fine. Let me check with ubuntu setup too.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Hello, where you able to get this fixed? I am having the same issue