Incremental backup database not backed with incremental backup


I looked in my " CYBERPANEL MAIN LOG FILE" and I found this message :

[07.30.2023_00-01-58] Database: MyDataBaseNamecould not be backed! [createDatabaseBackup]
[07.30.2023_00-01-59] Database: MyDataBaseNamecould not be backed! [createDatabaseBackup]

Have you ever had this kind of message ?
I use incremental backup, does this mean that my database has never been backed ?

Thanks !

Hi, that’s correct. Your DB has never been backed.

I recommend Upgrade MySQL/mysqldump.

  1. Check Current Version:
mysql --version

mysqldump --version

  1. Backup Your Databases: Use mysqldump to create backups of all your databases
mysqldump -u <username> -p --all-databases > backup.sql

  1. Install a Newer Version :
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mysql-server
  1. Stop MySQL Service: Stop the MySQL service to avoid conflicts during the upgrade process. The method to stop the service varies depending on your operating system.

  2. Upgrade MySQL Data: Depending on your MySQL version, the upgrade process may automatically handle data migration. However, it’s essential to review the MySQL documentation specific to your version to see if any manual steps are required.

  3. Start MySQL Service : Once the upgrade is complete, start the MySQL service.

sudo systemctl start mysql

  1. Verify Upgrade : Same item number 1

  2. Test Your Databases : Ensure that your databases are functioning correctly after the upgrade. You can restore your backups using the following command:

mysql -u <username> -p < backup.sql

After that try backing up again and check logs