Incoming SPF / DKIM Email Policy?

Does Cyberpanel 2.12 include any form of SPF / DKIM checking policy by default for incoming email?

I am not seeing any SPF Pass/Fail records in the headers of incoming email, even after SpamAssassin has been installed. MailScanner has DB errors and will not install, but I don’t know if this is even needed for basic SPF validation.

If so, where should I look to edit incoming SPF policy or at least ensure it is working properly?

If not, what is the best way to install/activate SPF Validation for incoming email?
Should I follow the instructions for the following article or will it break something in cyberpanel?

Thanks in advance for any help.


  1. Mailscanner was impltemented by someone from community, so it is not actively maintained.
  2. You can add/delete SPF from DNS manager if your DNS is managed by CyberPanel DNS -> ADD/Delete DNS Records

You can use mail test sites to evaluate the email configuration. Here is the popular test site for you;

Thank you, but isn’t the above advice meant for OUTGOING SPF configurations? Setting up SPF in DNS and using mail-tester is meant for OUTSIDE SMTP servers to check OUR SMTP server to make sure its authorized.

I was asking about the reverse … ie INCOMING SPF. How do we enable Cyberpanel to CHECK SPF records of other SMTP servers against THEIR DNS records to help determine incoming SPAM?

Anyone know?