Will first initiate backup repo…
Fatal: create repository at /home/ failed: ReadDir: open /home/ permission denied

Repo local initiated for
Meta data is ready…
Backing up data…
Fatal: unable to open repo at /home/ ReadDir: open /home/ permission denied
. [5009].

Can you tell me how did you install CyberPanel? and when did you last update?

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Starting restore of 1630eddc for
Restoring email…
Failed: Fatal: unable to open repo at /home/ ReadDir: open /home/ permission denied
. [5009]
Emails restored.

Good Morning Usmannasir… tks for yor reply…

Info: CyberPanel: v2.1.2
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Kernel: 5.4.0-100-generic

I Have a 4 VPS in Contabo and use the centos web panel pro on my machines, but I decided to try Cyberpanel due to several positive reviews and the performance of the platform for running sites primarily on wordpress.

I created a new VPS to install the cyberpanel using Ubuntu 20.04 and installed it using the script according to your instructions…
Yesterday I tried out of desperation to run the upgrade script and realized that it reported several permissions errors…

Can you create the backups without problem? Or do you have issues in creating backups too or only in restore?

I crete a normal bkp and incremental bkp and remote backup to google drive…

Normal bkp create its Ok but is impossible restaure (dont have a interface working)
incremental BKP dont work for restaure and dont work for create (permissions)

Donte have opitions here just blank select

Create incremental automatic but i think dont normal fail in restore

Normal BKP in /home/backup

Incremental bkp in /home/user/incbackup
but dont work in restaure

Did you place the backup files in /home/backup ?

for normal backup

but remember… dont work restore select…

always blank…

I create 2 backups schedule: in incremental backup

and add sites:

Hy… have news??? @usmannasir

CyberPanel creates backups in user home directory. To restore it you need to manually move them to /home/backup.

CyberPanel will not auto move them.

Ok…tks…and the permissions problems…any idea?

Nothing positive about bkps I continue with the permissions problem, and I can’t restore bkps through the panel system.

Same issue here

I will check and revert.

I am not able to reproduce this on my end. Kindly someone send me the video to reproduce this error.