ImunifyAV Blank Page

Imunifyav is not working it opens a blank page.

In console

Previously it was fine but from the last day one or two it’s not shown anything.
I didn’t even touch the server to make any changes from the last week.

I tried this -


Still same.

I am having similar challenge

I have 4 VPS and all have the same issue

@usmannasir Are you aware of this?

Wow! Still no update.

let me know if you found any solution.

cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/imunify
cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/imunifyav

cp -rf assets bin classes /usr/local/CyberCP/public

chmod +x /usr/local/CyberCP/public/bin/

have fun :grinning:

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