Imunify360 can't access after cyberpanel update

i can’t use imunify360 can’t access after cyberpanel update.
when i try access it then showing blank page.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
CP version: Latest

I am facing the samen issue. Same CP version OS Ubuntu 22

I had the same-ish problem.
When I used apt update I saw the public key wasn’t correct of their repository.
And so it could not update with the latest version I think.

What I did to fix it:
sudo cp /usr/share/keyrings/cloudLinuxpackager.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/cloudLinuxpackager.gpg
sudo apt-key update (don’t know if this one is needed)

Then run the cyberpanel update again, and after that, (re)install imunify360 via the cyberpanel GUI.
Hopefully this will help you too.

i have the same problem with centos 7 :frowning: