Immunify - root at risk?

I’m looking to get some opinions and advice about the fact that if you install Immunify in Cyberpanel, then the relative login page https://yourserver:8090/imunifyav/ requires your root account to get in.
I understand that Immunify may need your root privileges to run some deep stuff, but I feel like my root credentials are exposed to a potential attack.

Unfortunatelly I could no find any way to enable features such as captcha or two-factor-authentication to Login in Immunify… does it mean someone can simply brute-force my root password using the Immunify login page?

Are you aware of any sort of security mechanism that Immunify implements to safeguard your root credentials at login?

Please correct me if I missed something and I appreciate any advice on how to mitigate this situation.

This question is better suited for Imunify community, although they have brute force protection for PAM authentication->