Image Broken


I have migrated a site from Cloudways to Vultr + Cyberpanel. Everything is working smoothly, but there is one issue that swatch images on our product pages are broken. We are using a third-party app for swatch designing. The images are correctly migrated and are available in the library. The apparent fix is to reupload the swatches one by one. Is there a quick way to do it. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Hello @kiltzone66058

Which plugin are you using or what app are you using?

This is the plugin we are using Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce by ThemeComplete | CodeCanyon and it is on WordPress

The user provided documentation for the wordpress plugin. After looking through the design and capabilities of the plugin there is no way to do a bulk import or cheat the image upload process using cyberpanel.

I advised @kiltzone66058 to upload all images one by one on his WordPress site as this is the only best and quickest option