I'm having a problem with space filling up

I have been facing the problem of space being full for months. How can I stop the continuous consumption every second?
I tried all existing solutions to clean it, but in the end the solution is to transfer to a new server

Not certain I understand the problem here, you are using 9% of storage 203,490 kB of 2,427,136 kB (203MB/2,425MB) si just shy of 10% usage.

Are you saying it gets to 100% or close to 100% within a few months?

This is looking like a *Nix config issue to me at first glance.

Maybe try a different flavour of Linux to see if it partitions the same and if there is the same issue (as I am assuming nased on the question that you are not too familiar with the reasons as to why the partitions are created. (I could be wrong, it is just the impression I get).