I would like to customize the panel a little more with CSS and Javascript

I know it’s possible in DESIGN to change the CSS [AMAZING!!!]

But can we also insert javascript? If this is possible, it could for example improve the user experience when creating a website for example.

Today you click create site, create the site, and then you go back to the screen to create more sites.

It should have the option to go to the site’s panel, with javascript I would be able to customize and place a button there, for convenience.

This would give the themes more freedom to really enhance the experience, not just the appearance.

HTML locations:

and then
/usr/local/CyberCP/XX/templates/baseTemplate where XX is the other cyberpanel parts like for example:

  • firewall
  • ftp
  • DNS

JavaScript locations:

Note: Those will be lost whenever you update cyberpanel.

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