I want help for CyberPanel Error Creating a Database Connection

Hello CyberPanel Community,

I am new here so there is any mistake so please forgive me. I am here for help with a recurring issue I have been facing on my CyberPanel setup. After moving my WordPress website to a new server using CyberPanel I have been received regular alerts saying Error Creating a Database Connection.

Here are the details of my setup :point_right:
CPU= Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6
SSD= 500GB
Operating System= CentOS 7
CyberPanel Version= Latest stable release
Website= A WordPress site with moderate traffic

The website displays the error message “Error Creating a Database Connection” when it is unable to create a connection to the database. The problem appears at various times during the day and usually lasts for a short while before going away on its own.

For solution i have Checked Server Resources, Checked Server Resources, Checked Database Credentials. Also I have checked this = https://community.cyberpanel.net/t/database-creation-error/15272/cybersecurity but not found solution :pensive:

My Questions is= What could be causing this intermittent database connection issue? Are there specific settings in CyberPanel or MySQL that I should look into & What specific logs or metrics should I be looking at to diagnose and troubleshoot this problem more effectively? :thinking:

This issue is causing significant downtime and frustration for my site visitors & I want to find a resolution. If anyone have any help, insights or suggestions you can provide with me. it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

can you please enable cyberpanel debug and share the cyberpanel main logs with me may be you have changed the root MySQL password?