I need help, i want to add a unsubscribe link?

Hello, how to can i implate a email unsubscribe link into html template? {{ unsubscribeCheck }}
dosnt work

unsub ?
what website / provider u use for marketing email ?

i install CyberPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 and use this as provider for sending mails. Email ist succsful sending but without the unsubscribe link

sorry cant help

i even not understand what you want to do

i want to send emails over the CyberPanel with an unsubscribe link, u dont understand?

if you want to sent email with “unsub” then that shoul be marketing email…
or registered member…

just like sendinblue and the other.
as i can see (never try) cyberpanel have that but only tools. u still need developt the script and/or use 3rd party…

they will give you template

if you just sent mass email …without “registered” member system or marketing email system, your ip can be blacklisted esspecially by google.

one more thing
how u can unsub people when they never sub ?

Check out this https://support.yet-another-mail-merge.com/hc/en-us/articles/210757749-Insert-an-unsubscribe-link-in-your-email-to-reduce-spam-issues

Try this.