I installed Wordpress and

I am facing a serious issue with the high cpu usage. My server is running on vultr 2GB ram and 1 vCPU plan. Which is enough I think. And all the thing was going very well. But suddenly I am facing the high cpu usage with the index.php . I turned on the under attack mode on cloudflare to fight against any DDOS attack. Unfortunately not worked. Restarted server, changed php, restored back of 2 days ago and anything didnt worked. See the ss below taken from htop command:

lucky you, being all popular and stuff. I guess you can check access logs, maybe people trying to brute force login.

Thank you very much for your reply brother. But the thing is I have enabled brute force protection and checked myself that it is working properly.

right, so you can tell us if the access log is full of stuff or anything? All we have is a htop screenshot?

Where can I get the access log?
Thanks again.

Proxy your site thru cloudflare and set some firewall rules block bots. If it’s not loads of bots, you might get some real visitors and you need more beefy server.

try to install litespeed cache enable redis and browser cache
also check logs which IPs are connecting to your site mostly?