I have posted 2 posts why are they being removed?

I have posted 2 x posts asking for help with emails and also how to remove spam assassin, however my posts get removed, is there a reason for this please, been 5 days without email really need this resolved and don’t know why my posts are being deleted??

I now remember I edited the original posts adding more info after I submitted them, maybe this caused them to become unpublished/ deleted ??

With regards to the email issues I have been experiencing, such as, unable to send or receive emails via Rainloop. I have resorted to reinstalling Cyberpanel from scratch (for the 3rd time) this time around I have not enabled Spamassassin, results are so far so good as emails seem to be working once again, it seems Spamassassin is the culprit for breaking email system here, however, only time will tell.

I had the same issue - I edited a post, and it was deleted.