I have deleted the website which was connected to my cyber panel by mistake

By mistake the website has been deleted from my server
can you help me to get it back ?

let me know if you can help me to revert back.

I was trying to disconnect the website from the web hosting panel.

but it deleted the whole website from server.

Looking forward.

Thank you

You have backups or server snapshots? If not then you need to start rebuilding your site…

I am afraid, I do not have server snapshots,
I have purchased the managed server support
Will they be able to help me getting my site back ?

Definitely if you have paid managed server they should have some backups.
If not then find someone else or pm me for handling your server.

I hope I can get the backup and site live,
once its done, I will suerly need someone to manage.

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you cant get your website back…