I have a full backup from C Panel transferd in Cyberpanel Im trying to restore a wp website but not working

I upload the data on file manager also import the sql db.After i changed dhe wp config : db name user and wp table prefix and still now working.
I dont know what im i missing.

Hello @achillelorenzi,

what do you mean by “changed the wp table prefix”?

There is no need to change the wp table prefix when migrating from one hosting panel to another hosting panel (e.g. from CPanel to Cyberpanel or vice versa).

You just have to create the database from within Cyberpanel, and then import the database from cpanel through phpadmin to the empty database of Cyberpanel.

Best regards!

Hello no i did not change i checked,i solve it was the problem of premission just needed to do fix premission but im having another problem all photos are not loading.
Is this related to php version or its something else.