i got error: Server Error (500)

hello! today i got error: Server Error (500)
i has restart my vulltr vps, and login via ssh client ok!.
but i can not do anything, my website still down
please help!. I mean i can not access to cybepanel

systemctl start lsws
systemctl start gunicorn.socket`

thanks for answer: still can not resoved :frowning:

need support

and now i can not access anything lol


netstat -lnp | grep 8090 , see if 8090 port is binded to anything.

this is the biggest problen in cyberpanel please help me to solve id anyone know error500 on :8090

Hi same problem i see every 6 to 7 hours I noticed i see this issue facing after rebooting everything work well is it any proper solution any one have i I deployed fresh machine

Hi @CyberPanel
I see this:
What now?